Dear John Doe Club,

Who am I?

I am a proud Christian wife & mom who lives life by the seat of her pants. My hubby of 9 years supports everything i do and my kiddos are my 7-year-old son, Arden, who lives to become a Tazmanian devil, and my five cats, Araina, Caleb, Sherbie, Callie,and Boops, who are determined to destroy my walls with their wonderful scratchy works of art. Besides being a full-time mom, I also own an Etsy Store online called Ruffles Ribbons N’ Bows Boutique. We sell cruelty-free (no feathers, leather or fur EVER), very affordable hair bows, tutu sets, dresses, hair-bow holders, hats, and more. I do not have a little girl (everyone asks me if I do), but I plan & hope to have another child in the near future and would love it if it were a girl. 🙂

At present I am a writer as well. I write period plays, poetry, ezine articles, and am currently writing a new children’s book series. I LOVE the power of the pen and since Christ has Blessed me with this gift, I plan to use it to the best of my ability. I’ve always been in love with Gary Cooper’s character in “Meet John Doe” and the concept of the film pulled me in. I wish there were real John Doe Clubs out there dedicated to a similar cause as shown in the film. However, my hope is that this blog will give a voice to the “average joes” out there who often go unheard. Ignorance is not bliss and I am tired of trying to save face with The Jonses of this world. It is time to give a name to “the Forgotten Man” and to all John Doe’s attempting to live a contented & Blessed life against all odds. I am the person who, with God before me, will make it happen. 🙂

With Love,

~ Michelle20140720_122118


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