Infinite Paradise

Paradise-Found By: David Miller

Paradise Found - Artist: David Miller

I think that every man, woman, and child starts out dreaming big. BIG Hopes, Big plans for their futures and BIG visions of happiness. Whether or not those whispers on the wind become reality or not, most of us are still on the lookout for our paradise. The rich get richer, but most do not find a wealth of love, peace or happiness. The poor often remain in poverty, but may have acquired slivers, glimpses and inklings of happiness or peace. In both scenarios and in most cases, the mark for contentment gets missed. True happiness seems unreachable… a passing fancy. Sort of like Paradise. Will we truly be happy once we have more money, more friends, more food, a better home, the newest fashions, longer or shorter hair, fairer or darker skin, are taller or shorter, thinner or larger, sweeter or meaner, tougher or softer, loved harder or stepped away from ardor???


"Paradise is in the eyes and heart of the beholder..." ~ the beautiful john doe

I believe that in all of us there is a chance to find Paradise. My hope lies in my faith in Jesus Christ. Even believing that I will someday see the Pearly Gates & Golden Roads Up Above and hear the precious Angels singing, doesn’t stifle the fears or dry up my tears or push away the wants, the needs, the hurts, the hopes, the pains, and the dreams of a better year, day, hour, minute. We can only press on in this farce of an existence, living expectantly in this temporary home away from Heaven & helping each other along the way. Rich or poor, less or more, we can all link arms and find our way to a semblance of true humanity. In that lies our infinite Paradise…

“Paradise is like an intricately spun spiderweb. Its been there forever and if you dare to touch it, it will keep you in its grasp. You can’t really get away from it, but if you yank too hard, it will break, and the beauty and wonder of it will be lost forever…” ~ michelle dowell

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…… ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
… … (¸.•´… (¸.•` -`☆´-
.¸.•´•☆*¨★..~the beautiful john doe


About thebeautifuljohndoe

I'm a complete anarchist against all injustice and intend to bring back the ideals & hopes of the John Doe Clubs of America! I'm a SAHM, wife, Etsy business owner, coupon clipper, & homeschooler, trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents. My 'working class' hubby works two jobs to support his family: Myself, our four-year-old son, and our four sweet cats. We live in Collin County, one of the wealthiest counties in North Texas and we are probably one of the few struggling families who actually care to share our story on the world wide web. We're Christians. We are humans. We CARE... :)

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  1. Wow! What a beautifully written piece about how we all wrestle with the complexities of both humanity and our relationship with God! Excellent work, babes!! I plan to share this with others. :))

    Thank you!!

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